How to DECOUPAGE NAPKINS on Glass | 2 ways to Decoupage Napkins on Glass

The DIY Struggle

The DIY Struggle

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In this video we will be talking about 2 ways to decoupage Napkins on glass! If you have wondered how to decoupage napkins on glass at all this video is going to go over basics from start to finish, with many opinions and knowledge I have on decoupage! I hope these tips all coming in handy! If you need more decoupage information I have linked my entire playlist right here for your to check out! Thanks for stopping by, Brandi If you want to see ALL MY TOP DIY PICKS from 2022 Here is a playlist for you to check out! 🤍🤍 _ -LINKS Below are to my Website, Amazon Store, Sketch book line and My Link Tree (easy access to everything related to The DIY Struggle) Link TREE 🤍 • WEBSITE 🤍 • AMAZON STORE 🤍🤍 -I do receive a small commission off anything you purchase from my Amazon store at no extra charge to you- • DIY SKETCHBOOK *I created a Sketch Book line to help keep all our creativity in one place! The book even has a place to keep information on your favorite YouTube creators so you never miss an upload day! Several designs to choose from!* Cottagecore 🤍🤍 Vintage 🤍🤍 Big 8x10 Sketch Book 🤍🤍 Modern 🤍🤍 Farmhouse 🤍🤍 = Most of the Music I use is from Epidemic sounds for my content = _ 2023 CONTENT & UPLOAD INFORMATION _ In my content you will find ~ DOLLAR TREE DIYS ~BUDGET IDEAS ~FURNITURE MAKEOVERS/FLIPS/REFURBISH ~HOME DÉCOR ~HOME PROJECTS ~HOW TO THINGS FOR THE HOME ~CRAFTS~ (ALL DIY THINGS RELATED TO THE HOME ON A BUDGET) • NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY- Friday content will consist of CRAFTS-FLIPS- MAKEOVERS-DOLLAR TREE DIYS-HOME DÉCOR-BUDGET IDEAS • TUTORIAL TUESDAYS - Several Tuesdays each month • HOME PROJECTS- Random through out the year _ PLEASE NOTE I am NOT a professional. A large part of this channel focuses on me doing DIY's to help others see how easy or difficult DIY's may be through my own experience. I want to be able to try things on my own and help others on their own DIY journey, if I can, possibly adding a little humor to their life. With that being said, safety should always be top priority. Trying anything on my channel, is done at your own risk, and I am not responsible for any indirect or direct damages from content in relation to the guidance or instruction of the material. This video is not sponsored and affiliate links will be tagged as such! #diy #decoupage #crafts

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How to DECOUPAGE NAPKINS on Glass | 2 ways to Decoupage Napkins on Glass
How to DECOUPAGE NAPKINS on Glass | 2 ways to Decoupage Napkins on Glass
How to DECOUPAGE NAPKINS on Glass | 2 ways to Decoupage Napkins on Glass
How to DECOUPAGE NAPKINS on Glass | 2 ways to Decoupage Napkins on Glass
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Elsa Acevedo
2023-09-22 13:33:31

Thank you so helpful and easy to follow your advice ,❤

Jennasis Rayn
2023-09-19 17:05:15

I am
Have found your channel!!! Thank you for sharing and going I depth! It helps so much! You’re wonderful and I LOVE your voice 🎉

Yvette Colon
2023-09-12 06:21:34

I just started following you and I M excited to c ur future crafting 👍 You r so funny with the cartoon pictures 😜 ❤

Stephen Haskett
2023-09-08 05:13:47

love your sense of humor

2023-09-04 23:49:00

Is there a way to use my own digital images and maybe inkjet paper?

Rea Richardson
2023-09-01 17:37:26

MY WORST Dollar Tree experience was when I went in for three things, saw something that inspired me, and walked out $147.00 later!!

I enjoyed your video, thank you, and learned the answer to my most resent question of - Can I decoupage images on clouds of chaulk paint, revealng the jar contents? Your example was perfect! I want to put different flavors of my homemade granola, in somewhat transparent, spring loaded jars. I want to decorate each jar with napkin images relating to the flavors inside. I make strawberry, pina colada, cherry almond granola flavors, plus others. Now, I need to figure out the lettering. 🤔 ???

2023-08-31 19:11:47

Do you varnish after or wax ???

Kimberly Jackson
2023-08-28 08:23:58

I have a question, I'm working on a small jar. I have mog podge mixed with some pigment. Now, when I'm done do I need to bake the jar to insure everything stays in place or is it or ok unbaked? I was worried if someone tried to wash it? Thanks for your help, Kimberly

Victorian Christmas Lady
2023-08-28 07:32:24

Would you say painting the glass is a must or is it optional?

Jill Schmidt
2023-08-24 02:52:53

Adorable ❤❤❤❤

Haze L
2023-08-16 14:51:35

Hi Brandi. I have just started doing decoupage and am loving it but with mistakes along the way. I have loved watching you do the napkin on the glass vase as it’s inspired me so I have bought a lovely little glass from a charity shop here in England and l have now painted it and it’s looking great, however once l have pasted on the paper napkin pieces should l now go over it all with varnish? I’m worried that the slightest knock will bring off the paint if l don’t. Please could you help? Many thanks. X

Rebecca Swain
2023-08-14 23:45:03

Would like to watch you but I don’t need the cussing mouth!!!!! If you don’t respect yourself then please respect all of us women that don’t want to hear it!!!! You are someone’s daughter and maybe someone’s mother!!! Please start doing better!!!!!

2023-08-13 17:37:37

Thank you for the video. My question is, what if I don't want to paint the glass? I lije the glass look

Susan Ruppel
2023-08-13 13:28:45

Thank you for your projects and all the tips, and all the things!

Jeana Stowell
2023-08-12 18:17:09

Absolutely love your channel. I learned so much to help me master this technique. Thank you.

2023-08-12 14:06:14

I'm the same way with Dollar Tree, "I just came in for two things" - $75 later.......

Mary Lowe
2023-08-11 04:55:11

Thanks for the tips, very informative!! Great job on the vases, beautiful !!

Maria Van tonder
2023-07-31 20:57:48

It looks so beautiful!

Susan Baker
2023-07-27 22:28:16

👍 I totally get you about the final price shock! I have sat in the car looking over the receipt over and over and over until I just accept it! 😢 ????

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