How to Write a Perfect YouTube Video Description (Tutorial & Real Examples)

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I reviewed 5000+ videos to make this guide to writing good YouTube video descriptions. It includes my best tips for writing to win search, improve SEO, and increase video views. What should you write in your video description box? This video has real data-backed pointers for what to include, and how to optimize them. Check out our YouTube system Project 24! 🤍 *Want personalized advice on your channel?* Check out our channel audits and consults: 🤍 This guide shows each step to build a successful channel: 🤍 I use vidIQ on my channel: 🤍 This is why I use vidIQ: 🤍🤍 Chapters: 0:00 The Data 0:39 Why do they Even Matter? 1:14 The Findings 2:17 2 Locations: Above the Fold 3:44 YouTube Descriptions and SEO 4:46 2 Locations: Below the Fold 5:57 Hashtags 6:46 How to Know if It's Working Got something to share with us (feedback or an interesting YouTube find)? Go here: 🤍 #growonyoutube #youtubeseo Congratulations for finding the description easter egg. Comment something secret sounding (like "found the easter egg") if you read this so people who didn't read the description are confused :) Legal Notice: Channel Makers is a product of Income School LLC. The “Channel Makers” name and O logo mark are trademarks of Income School LLC. Income School LLC is a limited liability company headquartered in Idaho, USA. Results mentioned not typical. No business is guaranteed to succeed, in fact, most new businesses will fail. It takes hard work, skill, and time for a new business to grow. The name “Project 24” is not a guarantee of success in 24 months, but refers to those who have a goal of creating an online business in 24 months. Some will succeed, others will not—just like any business.

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How to Write a Perfect YouTube Video Description (Tutorial & Real Examples)
How to Write a Perfect YouTube Video Description (Tutorial & Real Examples)
How to Write a Perfect YouTube Video Description (Tutorial & Real Examples)
How to Write a Perfect YouTube Video Description (Tutorial & Real Examples)
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2023-11-29 13:40:57


2023-11-25 15:43:54

I found the easter egg!

2023-11-16 08:22:12

How can I add a youtube search query link in my description, without a long link..

2023-11-08 09:26:59

Thank you so much for this One!

2023-10-29 09:43:57

Thanks for your kind information

2023-10-26 03:20:04

Please help me! When I click to upload a video and the description page comes up its always to wide to use. A few years ago it worked fine. How can I get the description page to the normal size so I can type in it?

2023-10-12 20:38:31

Thanks for tutorials ❤very nice explanation 👍🇵🇭

2023-10-06 22:22:28

How do you feel about? Using the @ to mention another channel in your description, for example, if I'm doing a video talking about a local sports team, do you think it would be beneficial to @ that sports teams YouTube channel or does that help not help at all? Hurt not making any difference?

2023-09-12 17:38:49

Nice Explanation 👍

2023-09-06 15:24:21

Found the easter egg lol thx for all of your videos!

2023-09-01 14:13:25

Just started I didn’t even know what to put so I came here😭

2023-08-26 18:52:39


2023-08-16 19:24:08

You said "boop" the button and I subscribed.

2023-08-14 15:26:45

I found the easter egg (;

2023-08-07 04:39:14

Hi I just started a gaming YouTube channel in 2023 and I want to study it a lot and I came across your channel. Thank you for your great content and advice. Have you got a video on tags please and thanks 👍

2023-08-06 16:25:29

Found the Easter egg

2023-07-31 17:11:56

Thanks so much! Found this really useful ahead of launching my new channel.

2023-07-28 03:08:28

Thank you for saying this video and I will give this a try

2023-07-20 14:40:13

Having blue eyes dark mode is a must, lol.

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