When Magnus Carlsen Accidentally Cheated



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Magnus Carlsen comes across professional grandmaster and streamer Daniel Naroditsky during a Lichess Titled Arena. While being drunk and chilling with a few friends, David Howell, one of Magnus's friends, blurts out a move that traps Danya's queen. Magnus goes on to play David's recommended move and also admits that it was cheating. Danya provides his viewpoint on the situation later after the game. #shorts #magnuscarlsen #chess #chessgame #juditpolgar #annacramling #magnus_carlsen #chessbaseindia #viditgujarathi #nodirbekabdusattorov #gothamchess #taniadewumi #hikaru #hikarunakamura #danya #danielnaroditsky #danielnaroditskychess

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When Magnus Carlsen Accidentally Cheated
When Magnus Carlsen Accidentally Cheated
When Magnus Carlsen Accidentally Cheated
When Magnus Carlsen Accidentally Cheated
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Bong Cloud
2023-09-22 09:41:55

Even magnus need a cheat to beat danya sensei😅

Миро bg 1000
2023-09-21 14:35:59

Wait, I recognize that voice, aren't you? That dude that makes terraria videos.

hunter william
2023-09-21 06:19:21

Nah he gave a hint he finds it hha😂

Leo Ritchie
2023-09-10 06:27:51

Is magnus really cheating if it's someone else who interferes with the game in his favor

2023-09-07 18:35:16

He didnt win there it was a draw u idiots

Ron Mathew
2023-09-07 17:02:29

is the answer kd3

اللهم صل على محمد صلوا على النبي
2023-09-07 16:16:40

10 time world champion*

2023-08-28 12:33:38

lAtX6qLAHUo&t=0m01s 0:01

2023-08-26 04:00:35

But he didn't tell him, people are just looking for opportunities

2023-08-23 06:14:03

Now he can proudly tell that he helped Magnus in chess😂

Sunny Dand
2023-08-21 11:28:40

How is this even legal ?
Never seen anyone cheating so bad he should be banned.
I'm pretty sure he's rated 800-900 max in real life.

Abhiram Karnam Kowstubha
2023-08-18 17:13:17

David Howell the goat

Gokul Nath
2023-08-12 16:47:22

I didn't know that rebeccaharris is actually Santa until now he says that😂

Walter Luizaga
2023-08-11 17:37:40

In the clip where magnus supposedly won against Anatoly Karpov he didn't win he drew and was playing Gary kasparov

2023-08-01 12:50:40

Even the WC could not see the queen is trap that means that we are this bad at playing chess bcuz if we go against him we would simply lose or get lucky for more? Moves to survive against him

2023-07-31 22:31:50

Reported, for sharing false information...

Miks Saulitis
2023-07-30 21:34:19

How was that cheating I don't understand

2023-07-28 22:00:44

If a gm friend is giving me hints while playing online, it should count as cheating.

Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan)
2023-07-27 05:43:05

this is 'accidental' in the sense of being negligent like drunk driving not in the sense of an honest mistake. ( re the title 'When Magnus Carlsen Accidentally Cheated' in lAtX6qLAHUo vs re the title 'When Magnus Carlsen Cheated But Nobody Noticed' in y3MvWHoh_tA )

in the 1st place why have people behind if there's a risk they will say something? even if it's not intentional, it's negligent. it's still cheating. why not just have your kibitzers not talk while you're in game and better yet not even be beside you when they are kibitzing since there will be this risk? it's like driving drunk. you don't intend to crash to anyone but there's a risk so why not drive only when you're sober?

also what's your opinion of

1 - when magnus carlsen cheated alireza firouzja in 2019 blitz WCC, anish giri in 2023 superbet blitz, alexandra kosteniuk in 2009 blitz WCC, ian nepomniachtchi in 2021 WCC?

2 - when garry kasparov cheated alexei shirov in 2000, judit polgar in 1994 & viswanathan anand in 1995?

3 - when hikaru nakamura cheated levon aronian in 2016?

4 - when magnus cheated danya w/ help from aryan tari in 2020 and thus is long aware of the risks of having kibitzers near you when playing online ?


lAtX6qLAHUo&t=0m17s 0:17 that's me! lol! anyhoo magnus cheated

- jewish russian-swiss alexandra kosteniuk in 2009 blitz WCC, a decade before cheating alireza
- jewish russian-born dutch anish giri in 2023 superbet,
- jewish american danya naroditsky in lichess 2x - 1x in 2020May w/ european gentile aryan tari & 1x in 2021Dec w/ european gentile david howell,
- jewish russian ian nepomniachtchi in 2021 classical WCC
- (i can't prove this) philippine-born gentile american wesley so in the 2022 wfrcc by reducing time controls from 60min to 32.5min and calling both time controls the undefined 'slow rapid' when [60min,120min) is (unrated) classical and when [10min,60min) is rapid thus [10min,35min) should be 'fast rapid' & [35min,60min) is slow rapid. magnus didn't win but 1 of the bad guys hikaru won.
- (i can't prove this) jewish russian sergey karjakin in the 2022 candidates by having sergey removed sergey
- gentile french-iranian alireza firouzja in 2019 blitz WCC, a decade after cheating alexandra kosteniuk - alireza was not french at the time but top french at the time was Jewish Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 'MVL'.

magnus 19yo - cheats women's WCC
hans 19yo - doesn't cheat WCC lol!!!!

yet magnus baselessly accuses jewish american hans niemann

also magnus refuses to play hans but won't play these 3 gentile non-american cheaters? LOL why?

1 - iranian parham
2 - indian pranav
3 - french Sébastien feller

more info:

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